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1. How can I contact BowBastic?
You can do it by telephone +351 225 400 279 or e-mail info@bowbastic.com

2. How do I place my order?
For your convenience, you may do it through our online shop and pay through bank transfer, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard,  or alternatively, you may call us at +351 225 400 279 or e-mail info@bowbastic.com.

3. How long do I have to wait for my order?
About a week, for production and delivery. 

4. How do you deliver the bows?
The bows are delivered in a nice and original packaging. Cloud or heart shaped cards may be provided in order to allow you to personalize your gift. You may also purchase the fragrant bows that have four different scents available or even have the bow with rainproof covering, ideal for outside use.

5. Are the bows resistant?
Yes, the bows are resistant as they are made of a high quality and durability material, the FOX 3D fabric.

6. How are the bows fixed?
The bows are fixed through a suction cup, that we include. In the case of a front building, kindly let us know, as we may include several suction cups.

7. What is the minimum quantity I can order?
The minimum quantity you may order is one unit (in case the colour is red).

8. What are the payment terms?
The payment is previously made before the shipping of the goods and the terms are bank transfer, Paypal, Visa/Mastercard.

9. What are the shipping charges?
The shipping is free of charge.

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